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Name:random writings of a shameless fangirl
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You do not have to join to comment here. However, comments are only enabled on the master posts and the final chapter of each story (or the most recent chapter of WIPs).

Feel free to watch this journal if you think I might post something you'll be interested in. :)

All fics will have master posts, unless they are one-shots. Master posts (and one-shots) will be the only ones tagged, to prevent tag bloat, and to keep you from having to scroll through 20+ chapters to find the one you want to read.

Warnings, disclaimers, notes and such are only on the Master posts, but those are linked at the top of every single section of each story (except for one-shots).

The vast majority of the time, the default "previous" and "next" links will work to navigate the stories. In those few cases where they do not, I will hardcode links to the next and previous sections at the bottom of the affected chapters.

I was looking around my usual fannish LiveJournal (brihana25, if you're interested), and I realized just how much fan fiction I've actually written in the past 10 years. I'm not talking number of stories, necessarily, but number of words. I know I've got another 200-300,000 words coming in the next three months (give or take), and I noticed just how many of my stories weren't even on there. So, I started this.

At the moment, I am writing (or have written) in the following fandoms:
Supernatural, Dark Angel, Stargate SG1, NCIS, ER, and The A-Team (the series, not the movie)

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